Why Going Broad Might Mean Failure

While being the next big thing might sound like a great dream to chase, it is more than likely a failure waiting to happen. If you're looking to create a social networking site, make sure it's NOT too broad, or you will be wasting a lot of effort. Does this mean all hope is lost? Absolutely not...and there are two words that will point you in the right direction: THINK LOCAL!

Local Is Where It's @

Local marketing is only going to get hotter as the years go by. People don't search for "doctors," they search for "best doctors in Tampa FL." Or, "best bars in Toronto." Just imagine if you ran a social networking site just for your local area. It could be for your city, town, county or even province. It could also be for your university or church. Keep in mind, many of these organizations either have poor social networking presences,or none at all -- which equals a very high chance of your social network being a local monopoly.

Imagine if you wound up owning a successful local social networking site for your area's nightlife scene. There are a lot of local businesses who would love to pay a monthly fee to get some visibility on a site like that.

Social networking is all about getting people together. Where do they most likely want to get together? In their local area. They want to meet other local people...perhaps for dating, meeting friends, or just hearing opinions of people who can give a valid recommendation because they actually know the area. The good thing about social networking software is that it's a message board, dating site, local business finder and personal profile system all in one!

Why Going Local Is Also "Easier"

This is why creating a social network section for your immediate local area is the best way to gain a remarkable advantage in search engine rankings, and foster a community that already exists (your fellow citizens) of whom are looking for a local meeting spot just for their area! Promoting your local social site is awfully easy, too. Just utilize your local supermarkets, newspapers and giveaways. Use your existing Facebook friend list to get the party started.

Facebook Sucks At "Local"

Despite all of the local job pages and local groups you can join, this is still a space that Facebook never took off with. It's your biggest opportunity, if you truly plan to create a social networking site. Capitalize on the community that can (and will) exist if you make it. Your town, your county -- people are passionate about where they're from.

Use a Facebook Page to promote your own social networking site for your community. What's the "value" of your site? It's made by you (a local) and catered toward your fellow citizens. They'll care because it's where they're from. It's up to you to create the hype, and a quality site that they'll want to join.